“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela
Our DeskBags are functional, eco-friendly school bags that provide a portable desk solution.
The bag allows the child to carry his or her school books and stationery safely to and from school, while the flap, which is reinforced with durable Perspex, becomes an instant, durable desk when unfolded.
Our product is made from the vinyl of recycled billboards and is so robust that, if looked after well, can last a whole school career.
The bags are waterproof, reflective and light enough for pre-primary scholars to use.
Job Creation
DeskBags are exclusively manufactured by previously disadvantaged South African women who are either disabled, were formerly unemployed or, as in many instances, have suffered abuse. All employees are trained as pattern-cutters or seamstresses so that we only deliver products of the highest quality.
Going Green
Today the pressure is on companies to reduce and measure their carbon footprint and to responsibly maintain their CSI strategy. Our eco-friendly and highly-affordable bags are made from recycled vinyl billboards, keeping toxic PVC materials out of landfill sites, ensuring environmental sustainability and reduced carbon footprint for our supporters.
Corporate Support
We understand that the need for desks is too great an issue to tackle by ourselves. It is only through the support of corporates and in collaboration with the Department of Education (DoE) that DeskBags can be deployed to poverty-stricken areas where they can make a difference in the lives of needy learners.
Your Branding
Since the patterns of all our handcrafted DeskBags are cut from various sections of recycled vinyl billboards (including your own if you prefer), no two bags are, or will ever be, the same. With your company’s branding prominently displayed on the desk flap, the DeskBags will clearly depict your support of this education initiative.
The Process
Once you have placed an order, whether for 100 or 100,000 DeskBags, we will provide you with a list of schools or areas earmarked by the DoE as in need of support. All arrangements, including the hand-over, media liaison and photography, will be managed on your behalf. You simply need to be there on the day of the hand-over to see the kids’ appreciation.