Having been recognised as South Africa’s best public relations company, PR Worx is exposed to a vast array of Corporate Social Investment (CSI) projects across South Africa through our blue chip clients. During our 12 years of existence, PR Worx has always been passionate about CSI, and therefore not only conceived the DeskBags concept, but incorporated it as our own dedicated CSI division.According to basic education minister, Angie Motshekga, there are as many as 3 million school children in South Africa who do not have the privilege of working at a desk. As many of these children do not have formal classrooms, they are forced to either kneel on the ground, or work on make-shift desks during their school day. As you can imagine, they not only experience extreme discomfort, but their educational development is considerably hampered, and they could subsequently struggle to become positive contributing members of society. While building structured class-rooms and providing them with the relevant furniture would be the ideal, this is unfortunately not an immediate solution, due to the substantial investment required. However, DeskBags have come up with an innovative and viable alternative solution, in which you can make a significant difference in helping to uplift educational standards in Africa. Our DeskBags are not only functional eco-friendly school bags, but also provide a portable desk solution.
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