“A child without education is like a bird without wings.”
Tibetan Proverb
In Africa, there are as many as 95 million school going children who do not have the benefit of working from a desk. In South Africa, the statistics are equally alarming with over 3.1 million scholars being forced to used the ground as a writing surface kneel or sit on the floor to try to write on their lap, which means they are tired, uncomfortable and dirty as they try to learn.
The resulting discomfort and frustration are enormous barriers to these struggling children’s educational goals, which have no choice but to achieve in order to lift themselves out of the poverty cycle.
While building structured classrooms and providing enough tables and chairs would be ideal, it simply costs too much and would require substantial logistical and organisational input from government and the private sector alike.
The answer is far cheaper and can be implemented with much-needed immediacy.
The DeskBag initiative gives every South African the opportunity to make a difference TODAY – and it won’t cost the earth.
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